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LS Faculty- Ballet 1, Cultural 1, Hip Hop 1&2

Following the merger of Taller Borinqueño with Denosotro School of Dance, Ninoska expanded her dance repertoire, training in diverse styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, Flamenco, and lyrical. It was during her time at Denosotro that Ninoska discovered her true passion for dance, realizing that it was her life's calling. The studio became a sanctuary for her, allowing her to escape her everyday life and immerse herself in the world of dance.As the years went by, Ninoska's talent blossomed, and she began choreographing her own pieces. Her natural ability and passion for teaching led her to work as a dance teacher for young children in the community. The experience brought her a deep sense of fulfillment, as she not only taught dance but also became a mentor and big sister figure to her students—the support she had craved when she first started her dancing journey.Ninoska's involvement in the Lawrence community opened doors for her, and she found herself becoming the choreographer for Nan2production. This opportunity further enhanced her confidence as a dancer and allowed her to showcase her skills and craft. After taking a break to become a mother, Ninoska embarked on a new chapter by joining Laura Stage as a Hip Hop and Level 1 Cultural teacher. This role gave her the chance to bring her passion for dance to a wider audience, leaving a lasting impact on her students' lives.Ninoska Sosa's journey from a young dancer to a respected teacher and choreographer exemplifies her unwavering dedication, talent, and love for dance.

Ninoska Sosa, a 29-year-old professional dancer, was born and raised in Lawrence, MA. With a passion for dance, she began her journey at a local gymnastics and dance studio at the tender age of 5, where she was introduced to ballet and tap. Later, Ninoska joined the community dance group Taller Borinqueño, under the guidance of Vanessa Espendez, and dedicated herself to the group for 7 years. As a member of Taller, Ninoska not only honed her dancing skills but also actively participated in various community service projects, showcasing her dedication to her city.


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